A Powerful Partnership, NVIDIA AI & Microsoft Azure


Forging the next level of partnership

NVIDIA’s AI vision found perfect alignment with Microsoft to build a software platform to empower developers to accelerate and build AI solutions, and make AI more accessible for all. The two companies already had a long-established partnership, collaborating across multiple levels, from engineering, to research, to sales, and AI offered a path to deepen the bonds between them.

“Today’s market continues to demand more intelligent solutions, which in turn require fundamental upgrades to compute,” said Ian Buck, Vice President, Accelerated Compute, NVIDIA. To make their joint offerings easier to use, NVIDIA is working with Microsoft on several integrations across managed services including AzureML, ONNX, and Azure IoT Edge, bringing together technologies and libraries with the goal of providing an easier way for developers to get started with AI. NVIDIA also enables AI on many Microsoft products like Bing and Cortana and continues to collaborate with Microsoft Research on new applications for AI.

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Envisioning what’s next

With AI just starting to become a reality, the teams at NVIDIA are enthusiastic about continuing to work with Microsoft on cutting-edge research that pushes boundaries on what’s possible with AI. From enabling more conversational AI solutions, to further integrating hardware and software solutions to make AI more accessible and easier to use, and to new opportunities that look beyond what’s achievable today, the Microsoft and NVIDIA partnership is helping more businesses realize their vision with AI.

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